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First Trimester Update | Pregnancy So Far

Finally, the scariest 12 weeks are over! 

I really wanted to do a little pregnancy series on here to look back on later on or when I have another baby (waaaaaaaay in the future), but also for those of you who are also pregnancy like myself. I love reading other people’s pregnancy blog posts, I find it so interesting how everyone’s bodies are so different and every pregnancy someone has can be so different from a previous pregnancy. So I thought I’d start by doing a post about how the first 12 weeks have been, now that the word is out there.

Finding out
When I found out I was pregnant, I was around 4 weeks. I did 3 cheap pregnancy tests around a week before Halloween. The first 2 tests were EXTREMELY faint. I could see a very faint line looking at it but it just wasn’t there as much in photos. I then did another of these tests and it came back negative so I just left it and didn’t test again. Then my period was due on Halloween (how lovely, right), usually my period comes in the night and I just wake up with it, my cycle is very much on the dot so when it didn’t show up, I obviously knew I needed to re-test. I did another one of those cheap tests and again, there was a faint line but the line was darker than the tests I had previously done. But it was obviously I was pregnant, even just looking at that faint line. So I bought a Clearblue Weeks Indicator test and there it was. A definite positive test. 

6 weeks
I had quite a few light cramps. Nothing too painful, just uncomfortable. Obviously, me being worried due to a previous miscarriage. I went to the doctor who reassured me it was more than likely just round ligament pains. I didn’t get these that early with my first baby but the doctor said that the more pregnancies you have, the sooner things happen. Apparently the body already knows what it’s doing so it gets right to work as soon as it detects the pregnancy. I also had some nausea, nothing too bad, but it was also accompanied by loads of tiredness. I was just constantly tired. I even had to have naps when little one napped because I was always so tired, I never nap. I also had my first midwife appointment. You know, the one with all the questions. Usually people have this appointment at 8 weeks, but due to previous miscarriage, the doctor decided to arrange my appointment with the midwife from 6 weeks so I could be followed by a midwife earlier.

8 weeks
The sickness got a lot worse by this point. I felt absolutely dreadful. I was constantly gagging at everything. I think the only day I hadn’t felt as sick by this point was the day we travelled to and from London. Funnily enough, being on the coach for hours seemed to be good for my sickness. I know, it doesn’t even make sense. I had no pains since the pains I had at 6 weeks so that kind of reassured me everything was fine. I got ill with an awful stomach virus so that definitely added to me continuing to feel dreadful.

10 weeks
I continued to be ill with the stomach virus until 10 weeks and I was throwing up so much and not being able to eat food to the point that I had pains again. These pains were linked to my organs just aching so much from me throwing up violently all the time. I ended up being sent for an emergency scan just to make sure the links were 100% not linked to the baby nor my ovaries and they definitely weren’t. This was when we saw our baby for the first time and I’m not gonna lie, I may have ugly cried when the lady finally said there was a heartbeat. She checked baby and everything was fine so I was basically told to just forget about eating for now and to just focus on keeping up my fluid intake.

12 weeks
I recovered from the virus just before I turned 11 weeks and I felt great since. I still had some nausea but thankfully no sickness so I was finally able to keep food down again. We had booked a private scan for 11 weeks so we went to that and saw our baby again. We definitely have a very active baby in here. Constantly wiggling and flipping around.We then had another scan just before I turned 13 weeks and the baby is doing great, he/she is growing perfectly and really enjoying being in here apparently.  It definitely feels relieving to reach 12 weeks. The first 12 weeks are something I feel that scares a lot of us mums. It’s the trimester of uncertainty, you never know what’s going to happen and a lot of your time is spent panicking at the slightest bit of pain, which is hard because pains in pregnancy are completely normal too. 

We have been given our definite due date which is the exact same as when predicted through my last period. Now that we know everything is okay and we have reached this mark, I feel so much more relaxed and like I can finally stop worrying and actually focus on enjoying this pregnancy and getting ready for our little pumpkin. I was very ill during my first pregnancy so I wasn’t able to enjoy it to the scale I wanted to have done. So I’m super excited about making the most out of this pregnancy and truly enjoying it. I’m not gonna lie, as soon as we had our 12 week scan, we went out and started buying lots of cute baby clothes. I love white and mint and grey baby clothes so it wasn’t difficult buying neutral baby clothes. We have already got a little plastic box that’s quickly filling up with things for the baby and we couldn’t be more excited.

I hope you all enjoyed my very first post of 2019. It’s crazy to think we are going to be meeting our baby literally this year. I will be doing trimester summary posts talking about each whole trimester but will also be doing little weekly pregnancy update posts now I’m all caught up. I just love looking back on posts and seeing what’s different and what’s the same. Hope you’ve all had a lovely start to the year.


5 thoughts on “First Trimester Update | Pregnancy So Far

  1. This started out so cute like aww finding out how she got pregnant, how nice. And then bam, that sounds so tough! I know it’s gonna be worth it though. And that little peanut is gonna be so lucky to have you as a mummy!x

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  2. Ahhh, I’m so happy for you Jess!!❤️ This is so exciting!! Sorry it’s been a bit torture so far! I hope it gets better. You are looking amazing! I can’t wait to continue reading your journey!!😘

    Liked by 1 person

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