We Planned Our Whole Wedding

I’ve always found weddings super fun to plan, I’ve absolutely loved helping out with other people’s weddings but let me tell you something, it’s so stressful planning your own. There is soooo much that goes into planning a wedding and when it’s actually your own, there’s so much to think about. When you help someone else plan, they already have an idea of what they want so you just help them with that. But when it’s your own, it’s you that has to make all the first and final decisions from the start to the very end. From the decorations, all the way through to picking a venue and dealing with all vendor cancellations.

We started planning our wedding around a year ago. There were many changes from start to finish. There were a couple of date changes, there were a few venue changes throughout and even had no caterers last minute but everything turned out just how we’ve always dreamed of so it was 100% worth all the stress over all the changes.

We picked a beautiful countryside venue that was just perfect for us. We love the nature and atmosphere in the countryside so it was definitely the best pick for us. We initially had a few venues we actually booked which were in the city but as the wedding planning went on, we decided those venues just didn’t suit us at all. And we were definitely right. Ever since we booked our wedding with our final venue, we have held other events there and we absolutely loved it. It’s a place that will definitely bring us lots of amazing memories in the future. We had a private bar and the staff were amazing throughout the whole day and night. We also had an amazing DJ that kept everyone dancing for so many hours and even helped us do the gender reveal for our baby. So we did our gender reveal during our first dance with the help of our DJ, one of our bridesmaids and one of our best men.

We also found ourselves without a photographer last minute but we were surprised by a family member who is a professional videographer that decided to record and photograph our whole wedding day from the start as a surprise to us. My sister and my best friend also took so many photos on my professional camera so we have lots of happy moments captured on our big day. We are yet to see the photos and video but we are so excited.

We actually had no caterer last minute so we ended up doing all the catering ourselves. We made our own buffet with vegan and gluten free options and then ordered pizza for everyone later on in the evening (it was a very long day and a lot of the people that travelled from far away were with us for 12 hours so it was definitely a good idea).

There’s no doubt in my mind that my course helped me plan everything. During the planning of our own wedding, my love for event planning definitely grew so I actually started studying towards my diploma in wedding planning and even know I have only completed 14% of my course, I learned so much and it sure did help me with knowing how to handle last minute changes and cancellations in a stress-free way. I feel like a whole new person. Usually I panic and stress so much with last minute changes or when things don’t go to plan but I was so relaxed and remained motivated and that’s definitely continued to show outside of wedding planning.

There were many changes but our wedding still ended up being exactly what we have always dreamed of. It was absolutely perfect and flawless. We were surrounded by family and friends that mean so much to us. Our day flowed exactly how we wanted it and we have so many amazing photos to add to our wedding album and look back on. It was amazing to have both our children there with us on our special day, even though one is still very nicely tucked in my belly.

Nearly 6 years together, two children, one angel baby, one dog and one hamster later and it feels like an absolute dream come true that we are actually married. Couldn’t be happier and more excited to see what our future will bring. We got our happily ever after.



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