Reconnecting With Old Friends

There are many people I would never want to reconnect with, but then there are also a couple of people I wanted to reconnect with for a long time but was just scared to. Whether we just lost contact because adult life is busy or because we fell out over a misunderstanding. At the end of the day, even those I have fallen out with, there are a few I miss.

Towards the end of 2018, I decided to put my fear of reconnecting with old friends aside and I made the first move to reconnect with those I missed. If I could go back I would definitely do it all over again, just sooner. But I’m glad I reconnected with these people when I did.

Thanks to me putting my fear of reconnecting with old friends aside, I managed to reconnect with my best friend. It’s like we never really lost contact and I’m so glad we reconnected when we did because she was able to be there with me on my wedding day, which is something I really wished for all along but maybe just didn’t want to admit it at the time. We are definitely completely different people to the people we were when we lost contact. I’m so happy our bond is the same as before, in fact, it’s much better.

At the end of the day, misunderstandings happen and there is no reason we should stay mad at each other for such little things. I’ve changed a lot in the past year and I have no doubt these people have too and that’s why we’ve managed to put everything behind us. So, if you have an old friend you have wanted to reconnect with for a while but fear their reaction, just do it. Don’t put it off. Because chances are you’re different people now because people change and change is good,  and regardless of the reason you lost contact, if your friendship is meant to be, it will be.



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