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The Hospital Stay | I Went Into Threatened Preterm Labour at 24 Weeks | Part Two

If you’ve just randomly clicked on this post, you may be a little confused. I have split my threatened preterm labour experience into different parts. This is part two, if you’d like to read from the very start, here is the link to part one:

 By this point, I had no sense of what time it actually was. Everything was happened pretty fast so hours felt like seconds going by. By the time I got into the hospital there was already a private delivery room ready for me. I was wheeled straight in. At the time, Alex was still on his way to the hospital as the hospital was quite far from his work.

I had blood tests done, these tests would later determine that I had sepsis. Which they still to this day have no idea what infection could have caused it because I didn’t have an infection showing on any tests done at the previous hospital.This meant that I was going to need a new cannula put in asap so that I could be started on strong antibiotics. There was no way they were going to be able to easily put a cannula in so they arranged for an anaesthetist to come do it.

While I was waiting for the anaesthetist, they gave me some more pain relief and another tablet to hopefully keep the contractions coming down. This tablet was slow releasing unlike the others I had previously had that pretty much worked instantly. By this point, I was still having contractions and they could see I was having contractions even though the pain relief was taking the edge off the pain so the doctors came up with a plan in case I progressed into full-on labour  and they came to talk to me. Alex was just 15 minutes from arriving at the hospital by this point, it was such a long journey from where he was coming from.

So, I’m all alone in this room, I’m still trying to stay chilled but all I knew was maybe my baby was going to be born now which was extremely early OR the tablets would work, I would be fine and would be sent home in the morning, I hadn’t been given much information. The doctors came in to speak to me and they just threw a bunch of possibilities at me, each one more terrifying than the other. The first point was that I was still having contractions at this point and baby was transverse so if my body decided to progress into labour then I would need a c-section because there was no way she was going to be born naturally in that position. **”Okay”, I said, it didn’t sound too bad, it was just a c-section, right? The doctors do these all the time**. Another factor would also be that baby was very small. Baby’s grow every day in the womb, so the fact she was only 24 weeks meant that she had a 60% chance of Cerebal Palsy, or she may not survive the birth at all. The second point was that I have a high BMI and baby was only 24 weeks so she was very small compared to a full term baby, this meant I would need a much more complicated c-section. This c-section would be a much higher risk to someone like me. Given my BMI and how much more complicated this c-section would be compared to a normal one, the chances of me bleeding out quite a lot were pretty high. This would put my life at danger and in there opinion, the chances of me dying if I had gone into labour that night would have been pretty damn high. Which is terrifying. They wanted me to make a decision. Whether I wanted them to do a c-section when/if MY life was at risk, so potentially risking my life to remove baby asap in order to have better chances of saving my life but baby could die. OR did I want them to do the c-section if baby’s heartbeat dropped so saving her life but me potentially dying.

I was super drugged up, they gave me so many pills and injections that I had them repeat everything to me twice and it still wasn’t quite sinking in what they were asking me to decide. I told them my husband was just minutes away and asked them if they could please explain it to him because I felt like I couldn’t make a decision of that magnitude given the state I was in and also being heavily medicated. As soon as they left the room, I just burst into tears. I was so mad at myself and my body and I just felt like I was failing my baby before she was even born.

My husband arrived and they explained everything to him straight away. They told us to have a chat about it and have a really good think, they said we didn’t have to decide anything right away because actually my contractions were starting to calm down how they wanted them to. They then checked my cervix and it was long and closed which was super good too. So they started to give us a little hope that maybe they were able to stop labour from progressing after all and I would be able to remain pregnant longer. I was absolutely distraught by this point so every little ounce of hope they were giving me, I was just grabbing.

I had nurses and midwives constantly coming in and out of the room to monitor me. Eventually the anaesthetist came with an ultrasound machine to try and find my veins. He spent a good 45 minutes to an hour constantly scanning my arms and hands, he would only attempt a cannula when he felt it would be successful but each time was failing until I remembered when I had my surgery they could only get in in my arm a lot higher up, this meant I wouldn’t be able to move my arm for the rest of my stay there but it was best than having no cannula and no meds. And it worked! Since by this point I had sepsis and they couldn’t determine what caused it or how it happened so quickly between one hospital and the other, as soon as the cannula was in successfully I was hooked up to antibiotics and more pain relief straight away.

The rest of that night was pretty much just a waiting game. Waiting to see if the contractions would come back or if anything suddenly progressed.

To be continued…

To prevent this post from being really long (which it already is), I’ve decided to split my experience into different parts. I will be posting one part each day for the rest of this week until it’s over. I want to share my experience with other mums that might be going through the same or  want to read someone else’s experience on the matter. Lastly, I want to quickly just say that just because my experience happened this way, it doesn’t mean everybody else’s experience will be the exact same. These posts reflect how things happened for me. Every pregnancy and every body is different. If you have any pains, reduced movements or any other symptoms at all that concern you, be sure to call your midwife or maternity unit right away, it’s always best to be safe.

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