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The Next Few Days| I Went Into Threatened Preterm Labour at 24 Weeks | Part Three

If you’ve just randomly clicked on this post, you may be a little confused. I have split my threatened preterm labour experience into different parts. This is part two, if you’d like to read from the very start, here is the link to part two:

Once the new pain relief started to take effect I was actually able to sleep. I felt really weak, dizzy and light headed even laying down on the hospital bed so being able to sleep for a good few hours was a relief. I was still battling this infection which they couldn’t figure out and it was absolutely draining me, as well as the constant hours full of intense contractions I had earlier on.

Throughout this whole time, my blood pressure kept peeking, same with my heart rate, both were just through the roof. I initially had a really high temperature but this eventually went down slowly as the first couple of days went by.

After the first full day was over, it was evident that the tablets they had given me to ”stop” the contractions had worked, the contractions were nowhere to be seen and my body wasn’t progressing things any further either so this was super good news. Unfortunately, the tablets could only possibly delay things for 2-3 days so if it were to happen again, there wouldn’t be much the tablets could do. I did still have a strange back pain that travelled to my left side the whole time I was in hospital but it was never really able to be explained. When it became evident things were better labour-wise, I was moved on to a ward and had my own room, I think this was because of the sepsis and they didn’t want me to catch anything else on top of what was already going on.

So now their main focus was to tackle this infection that appeared out of nowhere. They never told me I had sepsis the whole time I was in hospital, I’m not sure why but I guess they wanted me to avoid stress and since there was so much going on already, they just didn’t tell me. I don’t know. While I was in hospital, all I knew was that I had a really bad infection that was causing me all the other weird symptoms I was getting. It wasn’t until I got home, read my notes and then had further appointments that I was made aware that I had sepsis the whole time I was there. Hence why I was so heavily medicated the whole time. As soon as a bag was finished, they would rush to put something else through the cannula.

This went on for a good few days. I had the second steroid injection which was twice as bad as the first one and I also had an injection in my belly to avoid blood clots because I was pretty high risk for these. I remained on antibiotics the whole time. I couldn’t really get up much so my husband had to help me walk to the toilet, cut my food and so on. I was super weak the whole time.

Once my temperature stabilised, they decided to take me off the IV antibiotics and gave me tablets.  I had an allergic reaction to codeine so they had to give me Paracetamol instead which didn’t really help with anything. They decided nothing was going to progress so they sent me home.

The doctors came and had a last chat with me. They explained that now that I’ve been in threatened preterm labour once, it can happen again. They said the aim was to get me to the ”safer zone” which is 30 weeks as baby would be much bigger by then and that would reduce a lot of risks for both me and her when it came to complications and possible outcomes. They reassured me they were pretty sure that nothing was going to happen again until at least 30 weeks, they couldn’t guarantee it 100% because my body was being very unpredictable but they were pretty confident. I was told to basically be on bed rest, I could of course get up to go bathroom and get food and etc but nothing more than that, they also told me that they believed all this was triggered by stress so to avoid stress for the rest of the pregnancy but more importantly until 30 weeks. Initially they mentioned about inducing me at 34 weeks if I kept having weird symptoms and contractions but the plan has since changed to 36 weeks. I continued on strong antibiotics for the following week after getting home.

I was admitted into hospital a second time just a week after with contractions of the same intensity again. Luckily, my body wasn’t progressing any further this time either and I actually tested negative for preterm labour so things were looking a lot better. I still had other weird symptoms such as the dizziness and lightheaded-ness but they never really looked for an explanation for this. I was admitted for a couple of days and then I was free to go home again.


To be continued…

To prevent this post from being really long (which it already is), I’ve decided to split my experience into different parts. I will be posting one part each day for the rest of this week until it’s over. I want to share my experience with other mums that might be going through the same or  want to read someone else’s experience on the matter. Lastly, I want to quickly just say that just because my experience happened this way, it doesn’t mean everybody else’s experience will be the exact same. These posts reflect how things happened for me. Every pregnancy and every body is different. If you have any pains, reduced movements or any other symptoms at all that concern you, be sure to call your midwife or maternity unit right away, it’s always best to be safe.

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