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Four Weeks On | I Went Into Threatened Preterm Labour at 24 Weeks | Part Four

If you’ve just randomly clicked on this post, you may be a little confused. I have split my threatened preterm labour experience into different parts. This is part two, if you’d like to read from the very start, here is the link to part three:

It has now been four weeks since the first hospital admission and I have had contraction episodes a good few times since. They are still very intense and last hours on end but they eventually go away with things like hot bottles and Paracetamol, it just takes a while and it’s hard to tell when to call up again.

The dizziness, the light headed feelings and the headaches I got have definitely persisted the most. Initially, I would only feel this way when I stoop up or when I had to walk but it has since become an all day kind of thing. It doesn’t matter if I’m laying down, sitting down or standing up anymore, it’s just always there and nothing really seems to help.

For the first three weeks after my first hospital admission, I would only go out to the hospital and for appointments as I had to keep things minimal for a little while so I was mostly getting out of a car, into building, back into the car and back home. When the first three weeks came to an end and the time for bed rest was up, I was still feeling unwell and wanted to test to see if movement made me worse. I kept mentioning my symptoms to doctors but they didn’t really seem concerned. But for some reason, my body just didn’t feel right to me.

So I decided to go for a walk to the shops and see how I felt. I was fine with walking for the first 15 minutes and then the dizziness started getting more intense. I was pushing the pushchair (my son was walking with my husband) so I think this was the only thing actually keeping me balanced the whole time. We got into a shop and all of a sudden it all just got a lot worse, I felt like I was just going to fall to the ground, everything around me seemed to be happening in slow motion, voices were super distanced and I just kept seeing spots everywhere I looked. I quickly tried to find somewhere I could lean on so I wouldn’t just drop but the whole 10 steps to this little ice cream freezer felt like half an hour of jogging, I was very out of breath, my heart was beating extremely fast and the spots I was seeing were making it really hard for me to make out where I was even heading.

It took me a good 15 minutes of standing there, leaning on this freezer, sipping on water for me to actually come round, the spots took even longer than this to disappear. We quickly finished our shopping and went straight home. When I got home I started to feel the same and started to see the spots again but this started and finished pretty fast the second time round. I had drank plenty of water and had eaten properly so I couldn’t really find a logical and simple explanation for it.

I since had an appointment and my midwife thinks I’m anaemic. When I was in hospital 4 weeks ago, they did blood tests and my bloods showed I was one mark off being considered anaemic. Because my blood results beforehand showed my iron levels coming down each time, my midwife is pretty certain that the next time I go for a blood test the levels are going to be much lower and I will be considered anaemic. She put my dizziness episodes down to being dehydrated and low blood pressure as my blood pressure was low when she checked it. Even though I spend all day drinking water and she also tested my blood pressure when I hadn’t done much movement.

I had low blood pressure before when I was recovering from my surgery so I knew how my body felt when my blood pressure was low and it really didn’t feel like this at all. I had my suspicions that my blood pressure was high, or at least that it raised when I had the dizziness episodes. It was more of a gut feeling than anything but I decided to get a blood pressure meter machine.

For the past 2 days, I have been measuring my blood pressure every 2 hours when I’m awake. And it has been high the whole time. I haven’t tried going outdoors for a walk yet which the machine to see if I have an episode again and if it happens then whether my blood pressure becomes higher or lower but I plan to. At the end of the day, I’m not a professional but I know my body and I’ve been right a good few times about it so I don’t want to take any chances of something going underlooked at all.

I hope this has helped anyone potentially going through the same or that just wants to read other people’s experiences with threatened preterm labour. I will more than likely do a little update later on, on the blog. 

 I wanted to share my experience with other mums that might be going through the same or  want to read someone else’s experience on the matter. Lastly, I want to quickly just say that just because my experience happened this way, it doesn’t mean everybody else’s experiences will be the exact same. These posts reflect how things happened for me. Every pregnancy and every body is different. If you have any pains, reduced movements or any other symptoms at all that concern you, be sure to call your midwife or maternity unit right away, it’s always best to be safe.

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