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Third Trimester Pregnancy Update | Baby Number Two

What a little rollercoaster this pregnancy has been. I think all my pregnancies are rollercoasters in their own little way. But nothing has taken the excitement and happiness away.

After going into preterm labour at 24 weeks gestation, having preterm labour stopped with medications, and also multiple long (for me anyway) hospital stays, I can’t believe this pregnancy is coming to an end so soon. It still feels like this pregnancy has flown by incredibly fast and before I knew it, we were in the third trimester already.

With pregnancy soon coming to an end, I thought I would update you a little on how things have been since 28 weeks.

Another hospital admission
I was told when I went into preterm labour and the doctors managed to stop labour from progressing that I would likely be in and out of hospital until the end of pregnancy, but I didn’t expect it to be so literal. They did also say I would be very unlikely to go over 30 weeks but here we are now at 36 weeks, so I was hoping they would be wrong about that too but they surely weren’t. I had another hospital stay towards the very end of the second trimester. And again at around 30 weeks.

This time it was due to an infection. The doctors had already warned me that in pregnancy, you’re super prone to infections and the fact I had gone into preterm labour at 24 weeks whilst battling a bad case of sepsis meant they had to medicate me pretty heavily at the time, so any UTIs or other ”simple” infections would then be harder to get rid of. They weren’t wrong.

I went for my 30 week growth scan. We had planned our whole day and even took our son with us because he always loves seeing baby on the screen. We had planned to go to the scan as it was the first appointment of the morning at our antenatal office and then we were going to get the bus back to our town and have a lovely day out with some chilled shopping, ice cream and a lunch out. Only, I didn’t leave that appointment. My scan results were amazing and baby was doing perfectly (and still is) but I mentioned a few symptoms again and insisted for them to test my urine because my symptoms had been disregarded for weeks. In a way, it’s lucky I insisted and didn’t take no for an answer. I just knew I didn’t feel right, no matter how many times the doctors told me it was ”just pregnancy”. I had gotten a letter the day before my scan stating that I had a ”mild infection” but this dated to the previous month. I, of course, called my doctor’s surgery as soon as I received the letter but they had no available appointments and told me to wait for my scan and hospital appointment the next day. So I did.

They sent a midwife to test my urine and of course, I had an extremely bad infection that the hospital had known about for just short of a month but hadn’t notified me nor offered me treatment fast enough. Turns out my doctor also wasn’t notified about my infection either, she received the notification regarding my infection the same day I received the letter. Due to how long they had left the infection, by this point, it had gone from just a ”mild infection” to ”severe”. I was transferred from the antenatal unit to the maternity ward pretty much instantly and was told pretty quickly that I would at least be staying for the night. The doctors ran various tests and it turned out that the infection had gotten really bad, and due to me having such strong medications and antibiotics at 24 weeks when I had sepsis, this infection had grown immune to most antibiotics.

This meant there were only two options of medications to give me, both of which were only available in IV form so I would have to stay in hospital for the full course of the antibiotics. The first option, which is what I asked them to try first, was an IV antibiotic they started me on pretty much instantly. It was a ”special recipe” so it had to be produced by the pharmacy each day. This antibiotic gave me weird side effects, I had a tight chest most of the time and felt extremely unwell during it, it was also very painful to go through my veins so likely thicker than usual too. The second option, which I avoided completely, was an IV antibiotic that could possibly affect my baby’s hearing. The doctors kept asking if I wanted to try the second option due to the side effects the first option was giving me but I rejected this every time. I would much rather have the bad side effects. Initially, the course was meant to be 5 days but unfortunately, the infection was still resisting a little to the meds so they extended it to 7 days.

Due to how bad my infection was, I had contraction episodes throughout my hospital stay. Turns out, UTIs and infections similar to that can cause irritation which can then cause your uterus to contract, possibly making you go into labour. They weren’t too worried about me going into labour during my hospital stay, I was over 30 weeks and had already had the steroid injections for baby’s lungs so they were happy for her to come. But of course, the goal was always to get to at least 34 weeks. After the 7 day course of antibiotics in hospital, I was finally allowed to go home. It was an extremely exhausting time and I’m still hoping I have no more hospital stays until I go into labour now.

Morning sickness?
I hadn’t had morning sickness since the first trimester. I did have it really bad at the start and this was the first pregnancy I ever actually vomited violently with morning sickness but it really calmed down once I hit the second trimester.

Well, it has come back in full force in these last few weeks of pregnancy. I haven’t actually been sick at all but the nausea is the worst, especially at night and it’s always mixed with extremely bad heartburn. It makes it extremely difficult to sleep.

Feeling drained
By this point, I swear I feel drained 24/7. My sleeping pattern has become a little bit all over the place, probably because I’m always so uncomfortable and it’s so hard to fall asleep unless I’m extremely exhausted. Usually, my son would go to bed early and I would stay up for hours after doing some work but now I can’t even do that. He goes to bed early, I’ll check he’s asleep and once he is fast asleep I go to sleep too. So this means I wake up at crazy o’clock in the early hours of the morning and then can’t get back to sleep so I end up just sitting at my desk doing some work or binge watching Netflix in bed.

Everything takes extra effort
This is something I have only been noticing more since 34 weeks. My bump had a growth spurt around 34 weeks and ever since, everything takes 100 times more effort to do. I usually walk a lot throughout the week as we don’t drive and it’s a little bit of a walk to get shopping done or go anywhere really, which my body has been absolutely fine with all pregnancy but now it’s definitely taking a strain on my pelvis and lower back. My bump feels like it weighs a ton and I’m constantly out of breath even from sitting on a chair talking to someone.

Constant pelvic and lower back pain
This is another thing that has been so persistent since 34 weeks and it just seems to get worse as each day goes by. Bending is extremely painful, reaching up for something is extremely painful, even just walking from one room to the other causes so much discomfort and pain. This makes it super hard for me to sleep because I literally cannot find a comfortable position to sleep in.

But regardless, baby has been doing extremely well and that’s what matters. She is weighing perfectly on the growth chart and she’s just happily swimming around in my belly. She has been getting toooons of hiccups which is something I never actually experience the feeling of during my first pregnancy. She’s also definitely a very active baby. I will be sitting speaking to someone and my belly will just constantly be moving.

I realise this post looks like I’m constantly complaining about pregnancy but that really isn’t the case. I feel truly blessed to be able to say we are carrying our beautiful rainbow baby and I am so excited. Some pregnancies are text book perfect and others have multiple complications that can’t always be helped. And this is the reality of mine. Everything isn’t always pink and perfect but it’s always worth it in the end and I can’t wait to meet our little baby in just a few weeks.

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