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Glossybox Unboxing | June 2019

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The weather here in the UK has well and truly been fit for ducks recently so there’s nothing better than the post lady delivering your Glossybox while you’re having your morning coffee.

I absolutely loved last month’s Glossybox. I still haven’t had the time to try everything in the box but I can’t wait to try the rest of the products and review them for the blog in the upcoming weeks.

The Glossybox for the month of June has impressed me, once again. Even though I have not tried the products, I’m really impressed with the value for money once again (plus there were no items missing which is a problem I had when I subscribed a couple of years ago. YAAAAAS). The only sneak peak we had last month regarding this month’s box was the Avant primer so the rest of the items were a total surprise.

Sleek Makeup
Face Form Contouring Palette – Light

Contour is something I very rarely invest in so this is going to come in handy. The reason for that is that I have absolutely hated most contouring products I have purchased, which is why I always love receiving contour products in subscription boxes. It allows me to try the products without having to spend money continuously on products that may or may not work for me. However, I do feel hopefully for this palette. It is a powder palette which is so relieving for me because I can’t do cream contour to save my life, I always look like I’ve crawled on my face through mud. I believe in this month’s box you could either receive this palette in the shade ”light” or ”fair”, mine is in the shade ”light”. I feel like that could have been really disappointing for subscribers with a darker complexion as the ”light” palette is quite light and I have a medium skin tone, in my opinion, it’s quite similar to the ”fair” palette. I’m not entirely sure if the contour shade will be the right tone for my skin and the blush looks a little too pink and dark for my complexion but I’m looking forward to trying it. The kit also comes with a highlight shade and I love a good highlight. I feel like the highlight shade is going to work for my skin tone perfectly. I look forward to trying out this palette and getting back to you guys regarding my experience with it. Maybe I’ll finally find the perfect contour palette for me (finally).

Unwined Deep Conditioner – Shine & Nourish

The price of this product completely surprised me. There is 50g of product in each sachet for only £3.99 and I have paid a lot more for hair mask sachets that have done absolutely nothing for my hair. But I’m feeling hopeful for this mask. Not only is it free of sulfates, it is also free of parabens and artificial colouring. And much to my surprise, these are wine-based! Yes, you read that right, wine-based! In this month’s box, you could receive one of three of Hask’s deep conditioners. Mine is the Sauvignon Blanc mask which is meant to shine and nourish your hair, which mine totally needs. The other two you could receive was the Cabernet Sauvignon which restores and strengthens the hair and last but not least, the Brut Rose which protects and hydrates colour treated hair. You’re meant to apply this to your hair quite generously and then leave the product in for 5 minutes and rinse. I’m super excited to see how this works for my hair.

Pro Perfecting Collagen Touché Eclat Primer

This is the product we got a sneak peak of last month and it got me super excited for June’s box. I’m pretty sure I have never tried any of Avant’s products but I’m always up for trying to brands and products so I was really looking forward to receiving this. This is a high-end primer that claims to be universal, silky, light and focuses on softening the skin and reducing any fine lines and wrinkles. Again, something that totally captured my attention, I may only be 21 but it’s never too early to start on those wrinkle reducing products, right? Primers are something I have pretty much given up on purchasing because I can never find one that is right for me. But yet again, I have never tried a high-end primer that costs £85 so maybe this is it.

Meech n Mia
Eyeshadow Chubby Stix

I looooooooove a good golden shadow so I’m absolutely buzzing to try this. This eyeshadow pencil claims to be highly-pigmented as well, which is something I love too. The more pigment, the better! I love that it’s in stick form because I can easily put it in my travel makeup bag and add a pop of colour to my eyes wherever I am. I feel like this would be a beautiful colour to add to the inner corner of the eye to add that extra pop too.

Lip Creme Matte – Peachy Nude

Does anyone else remember that peachy smell some Barbie dolls used to have when they were fresh out of the box? That is exactly what this lip creme smells like! I do have a few events and weddings to attend this summer and I feel like this shade would be perfect with any wedding guest look so I’m really hoping it works for my skin tone. I have only swatched this product so I can’t give a full review on it but I can confirm that the swatch was highly pigmented but it could swatch totally different on the lips so I look forward to trying this out on my YouTube channel. I did notice when I swatched that it does take a little while to dry, which for me is a good thing because I always mess up the application so this gives me enough time to correct my mistakes and add more product where needed without creating those gross-feeling lipstick layers.

All in all, I am once again impressed with my box. I’m pretty sure in last month’s unboxing I mentioned I would love to have received more makeup products I would likely use often and this time I got exactly that. I can see myself re-purchasing most of the products if they work for me when I actually try them, apart from the Avant primer. Just because it costs £85 and I wouldn’t normally give that for a foundation, let alone for something going underneath my foundation but I’m really looking to try it out and hopefully getting a lot of use out of it before it joins my empties pile for a video.

I’m particularly looking forward to trying out the Hask deep conditioning hair mask and the Sleek contouring palette and if these work for me, I will definitely be purchasing them along with my usual drugstore online makeup shop.

This box has made me even more excited for this year’s summer boxes, especially as the summer boxes were always my favourite backs when I was subscribed years ago. We do have a little sneak peak for July’s box. It’s the Moroccanoil Treatment which is perfect for sun damaged hair. My hair gets a lot of sun damage during the months of July and August so this one is definitely one I’m excited for.

I hope you all enjoyed yet another Glossybox Unboxing post. I have been loving doing these so far. Do you feel like you want to give Glossybox a go? You can use my link by clicking here. By doing this, you will receive 20% off your first box, when you make your purchase I will also receive Glossy Credits thanks to you using my link.

Glossybox Monthly Subscription
£10.00 + £3.25 postage and packaging

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