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Third Trimester Pregnancy Update | Baby Number Two

What a little rollercoaster this pregnancy has been. I think all my pregnancies are rollercoasters in their own little way. But nothing has taken the excitement and happiness away. After going into preterm labour at 24 weeks gestation, having preterm labour stopped with medications, and also multiple long (for me anyway) hospital stays, I can't… Continue reading Third Trimester Pregnancy Update | Baby Number Two

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13 Week Pregnancy Update

This week has probably been one of the most chilled for symptoms but a crazy one for cravings. Here we are, 13 weeks already. I swear time flies by extra fast as soon as you announce your pregnancy. Can't just be me, right? I have still had nausea this week. I don't think I'm ever… Continue reading 13 Week Pregnancy Update

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First Trimester Update | Pregnancy So Far

Finally, the scariest 12 weeks are over!  I really wanted to do a little pregnancy series on here to look back on later on or when I have another baby (waaaaaaaay in the future), but also for those of you who are also pregnancy like myself. I love reading other people's pregnancy blog posts, I… Continue reading First Trimester Update | Pregnancy So Far